Re-try without foliage

I love this technique…it’s very relaxing and I love the outcome without the foliage… One to remember for sure!


Playing around

In my art journal…Love her face…it’s so sweet…

Lifebook 2018 week 20

Enduring Marks with Mystele Kirkeeng. Very interesting process. Many layers of marks related to an emotion that I have been struggling with as long as I remember. Shame. This is not finished. The last step is to ‘extract’ something from these marks. A person, a face, an animal, a tree etc. Though I might have an idea I can’t let that happen yet…too attached to what it is right now. So I’ll let it sit for a while…

The girl with the pink hair

Drawing these whimsical faces just make me happy…my big art journal is getting filled mostly with these… I always thought hair was so difficult…have been focussing on it for a while and finally see improvement