Lifebook 2018 – week #1

The first week of this amazing class was called ‘Tending to your dreams (garden fairy) and had some wonderful soul work in it too… Surrender and connection are my words for this year so I put them on my painting. I absolutely loved the process, more than ever…and am happy with they way this turned out. Can’t wait for week #2!

Handmade cards

Every couple of months two of my sisters and I plan a creative day… we pick a technique and spend a day playing together… so did we today… We always send each other a handmade card with something we have created. Today we worked with our gelli plates. The idea was to print package tape but we ended up doing so much more. I ended up using the tiny rectangle gelli plate. So fun to create such tiny pieces of art! I decided to make my card with two of those pieces and this is the result. On the picture you see the top of the envelope above the card.

Handmade card

My friend’s daughter is in the hospital… I donated a small amount of money to support her treatment and her mom asked me to make her a ‘brave girl boots card’… Purple boots because purple is the color of recovery…  Here you go beautiful D…sent with hugs and healing vibes…