Gnome by request

Someone I swap ATC’s with asked me if I would draw her something on postcard size… She told me she likes pigs and gnomes…not my regular subjects so I took some time to think about it and finally decided on a gnome…


Went to a mandala workshop with my eldest sister and made a collaged mandala. Pleased with the end result!


Inspired by the motivating things my therapist says about my art and writing, I finally started a little watercolor journal where I combine the two things I love the most… writing poems and watercolor painting… I don’t feel like sharing the poems (yet) but will share the first watercolor I made 💚

Lifebook 2018 week 9

Friends. For some reason I am not so happy with this…I followed the lesson but didn’t have a ‘feel’ with it…. And for the first time it is OK as it is… I don’t feel the need to restart or ignore the whole piece… It’s just another page in my Lifebook of 2018…