Always fun challenges #4

It has been a quite busy and eventful week and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make a card for this weeks challenge but I did! I got 12 Distress Oxide pads for my birthday yesterday and made the background using 4 colors. What a fun product! Looking forward to make more! The stamp is IndigoBlu Stylised flowers. Because I made a little mess at the bottom of the card I glued a little strip on top and wrote on it…Not sure that was the best idea but it is what I did…There are many entries for this weeks challenge again! So fun to see all the different techniques and styles! Check ’em out at

7 thoughts on “Always fun challenges #4

  1. The sentiment strip is a perfect disguise. Love the card. Happy Birthday, belatedly. Hope you had a lovely day.

  2. There sure were a lot of entries, wasn’t there?!? This is gorgeous!! I LOVE your background. I think your sentiment looks great where you have it. I REALLY love your background. (worth saying again.) =)

      • Yes!! I have 6 of them now, but haven’t played with them all that much yet. Happy belated Birthday, BTW. I totally forgot you said it was your birthday by the time I finished commenting… the older I get, the less I have any short term memory. Or long term, for that matter..

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